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The XENⓇ Gel Stent is a great treatment option for certain types of glaucoma. It is also among the services available from Lawrence Clewner, MD, and William Kelly, MD, of Clewner & Kelly Eye Center, serving the community of Boca Raton, Florida. If you are navigating a glaucoma diagnosis and would like to learn about the full range of treatment options, call the office today to book a consultation, or schedule your visit online.

XEN Gel Stent Q & A

What is the XEN Gel Stent?

The XEN Gel Stent is a surgical implant that can improve your glaucoma symptoms. It is a great treatment path for people with open-angle glaucoma, the most common form of glaucoma. 

Open-angle glaucoma develops when the drainage canals in your eye become clogged. This causes pressure to build behind your eye, which can eventually threaten your vision and eye health. 

Open-angle glaucoma develops slowly and may not cause clear symptoms for many years. A thorough professional eye exam is the best way to detect open-angle glaucoma in the early stages. 

How does the XEN Gel Stent work?

The XEN Gel Stent works by creating an open channel within your eye to improve fluid drainage. The stent itself is very small, about the length of an eyelash. It is shaped like a tiny tube, and once it is implanted within your eye the tube becomes flexible and soft. 

The XEN Gel Stent is placed just under your conjunctiva, the clear membrane that covers the white surface of your eye. Once in place, the XEN Gel Stent remains in position for the duration of your life. 

Will I still need eye drops after having the XEN Gel Stent placed?

For some, the XEN Gel Stent eliminates the need for eye drop therapy. In other cases, patients will still need to use eye drops to reduce the pressure within their eyes.  

After your procedure, your specialist will monitor your healing process and your glaucoma symptoms. Side effects are rare, but there is a small risk of vision issues, changes in eye pressure, and unusual scar tissue formation in the months and years after your XEN Gel Stent is placed. 

How do I know if the XEN Gel Stent is right for me?

This treatment option is not right for everyone, and it is important to work closely with your ophthalmologist to learn which treatment paths are best for your specific set of needs. People with angle-closure glaucoma who have not undergone corrective surgery should not pursue the XEN Gel Stent. 

The procedure is also not a good choice for those with significant scarring or abnormal blood vessel formation on the iris. If you’ve previously had an artificial lens implanted, you may be better served by a different treatment option. 

When you’re ready to learn more about the XEN Gel Stent, call the office to set up a consultation. You are also welcome to book an appointment online, which can be done from the comfort of your home any time of day or night.